Writing TOK Essay – Avoid these Goof-ups!

If you’re an IB student and are planning on writing an Extended Essay or Theory of Knowledge essay, you know that these essays can be tricky to write well—especially if you aren’t used to writing in this style of format before (and the highest school students aren’t). There are many specific things that IB students should avoid doing in their TOK essay in order to increase their chances of scoring highly, so here are some of the top things not to do in a TOK essay.

1. Writing an irrelevant introduction 

The Theory of Knowledge essay is all about analyzing and critically thinking about different ways of knowing and areas of knowledge. Thus, your introduction should be focused on why you chose the particular title you did. So, if you cannot write a relevant essay, you have a problem with your essay writing skills. Additionally, make sure to avoid grandiose statements or quotes in your introduction--you want to get straight to the point. Learning how to write a clear and concise introduction is essential to success in this essay. You can evaluate your performance at Blen platform, it would give you instant assessment. 

2. Misinterpreting the purpose of TOK essay

The Theory of Knowledge essay is not a research paper. In fact, the main purpose of a TOK essay is learning. By writing about what you have learned, you demonstrate your understanding of the TOK course and how it relates to your real life experiences. However, many students make the mistake of thinking that the TOK essay is simply a research paper. 

3. Writing a one sided essay 

It is important to remember that the Theory of Knowledge essay is not an argumentative essay. This means that you should not take one side of an issue and try to argue for it. Instead, you should explore both sides of the issue and try to find a middle ground.

4. Ignoring the scope of the essay 

The Theory of Knowledge essay is a unique beast, and many students struggle with understanding the parameters of the essay. It is important to remember that your essay should be about knowledge. Stick to discussing ways of knowing and areas of knowledge to stay on topic.