Understand your TOK Essay Terms Better

Your IB Diploma can be the ticket to a successful career and life, but first you have to earn it! Not only does the International Baccalaureate Diploma require an in-depth study of history, language, math, and science (among other subjects), it also necessitates that you demonstrate an understanding of key concepts in global citizenship, international understanding, and intercultural awareness. So what are some of these key concepts? And how can you make sure your essay adequately addresses them?

 A circle writing the word tok

The WOK is as important as the other structure of your essay. It guides you to write a professional and engaging essay. You can dissect your knowledge question through WOK. To support your arguments, 2-3 ways of knowing are suggested by most of the teachers. Fo

  • Knowledge Question

It is hard to write a TOK essay about knowledge without addressing the phrase cognitive development. In fact, answering it specifically is one of five high-impact ways of writing a great cognitive development section (and generally getting points for it). What exactly does cognitive development mean? It refers to our ability as humans to learn and change—in other words, not being set on our views but rather continually developing new understandings. You can get excellent idea about knowledge question through experts serving at Blen platform. It also helps you to evaluate your essay quickly and efficiently.

  • Claim

A claim is a statement that you intend to support with evidence from evidence. It’s often used when introducing an issue and providing a position on it, or when summarizing an argument.

  • Counter claim

One of the most common mistakes students make when writing a philosophy paper is that they fail to state their own position on an issue and simply state what someone else has said. The counter-claim is one of 3 main components of an excellent essay.

Learning is the process of acquiring new knowledge, skills, or attitudes. The learner’s learning style is a set of traits that affect the way they interact with information. A person may learn best by hearing, seeing, doing, reading or speaking. In order to take part in this TOK essay competition you will need to learn about topics related to sustainability and globalization.