Holding up an IB social life as an IB student

Absolutely, the majority of IB students are active in athletics, organizations, and activities in their schools, as well as in their communities and churches. Most people believe that the more occupied they are, the more productive they are at managing their time. They have active social lives and claim that in order to be efficient learners; they require some time for enjoyment. The IB social pushes students to become good time managers. They learn to prioritize class work and form study groups tailored to their individual learning styles. 

Have an optimistic approach:

It's during this period that they learn to combine time constraints with increasing workloads, extracurricular activities, and life outside of the classroom.

Students are encouraged to attain balance.  It teaches students how to achieve wellbeing for themselves and others by achieving balance in all facets of their lives.

Set aside time for yourself:

Scheduling activities you enjoy, such as exercising, drawing, or reading a book that isn't linked to work, help you keep a sense of balance. It also allows you to refuse extra work without feeling guilty because I have an 'appointment' to keep.

Find your solace:

It could be running, cooking, reading, or playing video games, but figure out what recharges you. Doing things that you enjoy can help you relieve stress from school, which will assist your learning by allowing you to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Accompany your Study Pals:

It is critical to have the support of peers who are also enrolled in the IB program. They will continue to be optimistic even when the program appears to be too hard, in addition to being able to socialize with them. Spend time with your IB social mates but spend the majority of it debating doubts, projects, and problems that are simply too complex to answer. If you have enough manpower, you can conquer Algebra.

Embrace a philosophy: 

If you can maintain a philosophy of constantly striving to improve yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually, you will find it much simpler to achieve a balance between your responsibilities.

Make CAS a part of your IB Social:

Counting social activities as CAS is the best way to go (Creativity, Activity, and Services). Through these actions, you can ensure that the true essence of IB is preserved. During the summer vacation, students could be productive by participating in a variety of projects and activities, as well as venturing into previously uncharted territory.