Points to consider while writing Economics IA

In your IB course, you have to write three commentaries on word 800. This blog will discuss how to structure your IB economics IA. It’ll ensure you get full marks.

Introduction | 75-100 words

In the introductory section, you have to summarise your article in 3 to 4 sentences. You have to reference your article with quotes. Define some key terms that you’ll use going forward in the essay. Only use such terms you have just used or are about to use. It should clearly state what the real-life situation is? What proposed policy will be? 

Discuss the core issue | 100-125 wods

You have to start by discussing the underlying problem in the country. Let’s suppose the government is trying to impose taxes on some goods. For example, the consumers are over-consuming the product, so the government decided to impose a tax on the product. You have to discuss how overconsuming can be detrimental to society.

What should be the strategy? | 200-300 words

Primary analysis falls under this section, and you have to answer above mention situation and how govt is aiming to solve the problem. For example, how does the imposition of taxes theoretically reduce the consumption of goods?

Show using a diagram and also clearly define your diagram. For example, due to the imposition of taxes supply curve declined sharply from S1 to S2 and shifted to the new equilibrium.

What is the evaluation policy? | 200-300 words

Let's discuss the problem and proposed solution if you have done your easy part. It’ll make you shine to get 6 to 7   in your IA economics. The evaluation depends on CLASS PP.

  • Conclusion_ rounding up thoughts and suggestions
  • Long-term vs short-term_ Does its effectiveness change over time.
  • Assumptions_ how does the economic theory suggest that the article's content undermines it.
  • Stakeholder_ how do the parties mention effect differently (consumers, producers, government) even who lost and won?
  • Priorities_ in the economic context, what should be the priority of policymakers, and your content is related to that?
  • Pros & cons_ advantages and disadvantages of policy.

Conclusion |75-100 words

The conclusion is summarised in 2 to 3 sentences, and you have to light what is the reason behind the policy, its effects and evaluation of the situation. There is no need to put a new idea. It just high light the analysis you made.

You’re advised to mention the title of the IA, date of publication, sources, word count, unit, syllabus and critical points to make it more catchy, so it can make you stand out in the crowd. 

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