5-Week Summer Recharge to ace your IBDP Mathematics AI

Don't believe the widespread misconception that the new Mathematics AI Course is simply the old Mathematics Studies rebranded. Compared to Mathematics AA, Mathematics AI is a more difficult subject with a lot of new ideas regarding Voronoi diagrams, matrices, graph theory, hypothesis testing, and more. Congratulations on advancing to the mid-IBDP this summer!

Confronting a brand new and complex syllabus is not a walk in the park. Blen believes that without closing the conceptual gaps of these new topics it is impossible to solve unfamiliar questions. ‘Where to start from?’ is a peculiar question every IBDP Mathematics student is currently struggling with. And here is exactly why Blen has come up with a 5-Week Summer Revision Course to boost your confidence with your Mathematics AI.

IB Mathematics AI Paper

IB mathematics curriculum has undergone significant changes over the past two years, and tragically, the pandemic has exacerbated the concept's complexity.

You can find out where your knowledge is lacking, plan your study strategy, and simply complete a ton of tough practice on Blen to deepen your understanding and make breakthroughs. Blen is here to provide you with all the necessary concepts and exercises.

5- Week Summer Revision Planner


This 5-Week Summer Revision Planner includes:

  • Practice essential concepts
  • Topic-wise Test
  • Build Own Test by choosing the appropriate topic and timer
  • Mock Test for Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3(HL)

A more comprehensive conceptual understanding

Yes! Practice is, of course, the key to success in any mathematics exam. However, because of the considerable change in the mathematics curriculum, it is now even more important to build a wide conceptual understanding of the problems and bridge any pre-IB deficiencies.

Distributing Your Revisions

A tried-and-true method for learning almost anything, spaced repetition is both easy and efficient. The most effective and crucial method for acquiring and retaining mathematical knowledge and skills over an extended period of time is staggered repetition, which involves spacing out your revision in timed intervals.

Blen wishes you relaxation and enjoyment this summer!