Points to consider while planning IB internal assessment

Often IBDP students find it upsetting to plan a perfect internal assessment that can help them in acing the score. Many times students crash or get puzzled and in between dilemmas, they ignore that the IAs have a huge impact on their grades. Therefore, you should act actively on your IAs to seize a good grade score.

Below is the list of the factors to consider while planning IA. Blen recommends keeping these points in your mind.

1) Pick a relevant topic/title

The first step is to select a relevant topic for your IA. You should spend a good time while picking your assessment topic or title.

Make sure there is enough research material available for your chosen topic because if you pick the wrong topic it can create problems for you in the future. You can always seek the direction of your teachers as they are experienced hence they can assist in a good way.

2) Plan out the structure

Before jumping on to writing. Take some time to plan the structure of your essay. In most cases, there is a specific format given to be followed. You can verify it by consulting your teacher or the IBO website. Therefore, it is a good practice to confirm the format of the assessment before writing.

Here is the guideline of History IA to give you an idea:

In history, IA is assessed on three sections:

  • Identification and Evaluation of sources
  • Investigation
  • Reflection

So you should focus on these three sections in your essay structure. You can also add subheadings or subtitles to highlight these sections.

3) Find helpful resources

Spend some time to gather any data through multiple resources that can support your IA. This will compel you to do a lot of research to collect material but this effort can help you in a long run. 

Here is the listing of resources you can consider for the help:

  • Documentaries
  • Textbooks
  • Adverts
  • Podcasts
  • Online websites
  • Journal articles 
  • Archive material

4) Stay ahead of time

Never leave your IAs at the eleventh hour. Stay ahead of deadlines to save ample time for the amendments if required. You should set an early deadline for you to assure that you have enough time left.

5) Create a backup of your work

Often students lose their documents so they have to start all over again, so it is suggested to have a backup of your work on Drive or USB. In case, if you lost your data you can get from there.

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