Is the IB diploma program worth the effort? Check out what graduates suggest!

Undoubtedly, the IB diploma program is believed to be the most appropriate program for high school students having countless perks. But often this question baffles the minds of many; whether taking the IB diploma program will worth it and what privileges it offers for your university application?

In this article, you will find the solutions to all your queries after hearing from the IB graduates. Here are some true suggestions and opinions of some of the IB diploma program graduates regarding the IB program.

Hear it from Paul Jeffries:
"Your grades assignments, fields of course matter but what lingers with you permanently is your journey throughout the entire program. A key to victory!  No one is fully qualified for the best opportunities; you are being chosen for your skills and also for your strengths to thrive in unusual situations which wholly worth the efforts.”

Paul Jeffries is a global scholar at the America University's School of International Service in DC. Paul earned his IB diploma from The International School of Indiana. [2016 Graduate]

Hear it from Julia
Julia says "the IB diploma program has helped her to perceive things from different perspectives. The IB diploma not only helps you to structure your reflection but also trains you to present your ideas to others in an appealing way."

Julia is one of the Ace school presenters and is mentoring several IB learners across the globe. [2014 Graduate]

Hear it from Aimee Hall
"The IB program has established critical thinking and open talk process in me. During the 2 years of my IB program, I got the chance to study and learn different subjects and languages which was totally an unusual experience for me."

Aimee Hall is an IB graduate from The International School of Tianjin.
[2016 Graduate]

Hear it from Alex
“When I commenced the IB program I was doubtful what would I do after graduating but the IB program gave me the versatility of choosing multiple options that can be applied after my graduate studies. The skills I gained from the Extended Essay part have sharpened my academic writing ways and helped me even during my university studies.” 

Alex has completed BA in English Language and Literature and later an MS in Education. [2014 Graduate]

You heard it right; IB comes with several opportunities and lifetime benefits. Countless times you will think like you want to quit but when you will look back at yourself in few years you will surely not regret taking an IB program.